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Submitted on
September 4, 2009
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot G5
Shutter Speed
1/101 second
Focal Length
9 mm
Date Taken
Sep 3, 2009, 7:36:39 AM
Mr Cheesencrackers-flipside by RandyHand Mr Cheesencrackers-flipside by RandyHand
The other side of the big tree (my personal favorite view)
I forgot that there were a few of the "surprises" visible in the shot so I resubmitted a photoshopped version without the little tid bits...
I'll post a close up of all the little surprises after my client sees them first...
I'm super excited for her to find them...
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cuppaespresso Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Such a fantastic tree...why would you hang cheese from it? Say the finished work with the cheese and the cheese is so out of context and, in my humble opinion, takes away from the work. Alas, I suppose clients need to be satisfied.
RandyHand Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Thank you so much!
Indeed the client specifically asked for a cheese and cracker tree.
But if you look at the hand of the tree and the look on the trees face you can clearly see that he
has been tasting the cheese and crackers and see that he has just kissed his fingers in satisfaction.
What other reason would there be for his facial expression and hand position?
In conclusion I am going to have to disagree with your opinion...;)
Thank you though for liking the tree! :)
NEXUSIXphotography Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009   Photographer
This is awesome! I love how it came out... Such an incredible artist you are!
RandyHand Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
Thanks so much for your message!
I really am happy with the response this piece has gotten...
Take care
Lil-el-art Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009
OMG!!! :wow: You are simply amazing!!!!! :woohoo:
He's absolutely fabulous. What a spectacular result of such creativity and skill!
:worship: I bow before you, oh Scuplt Master!!!
RandyHand Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
You are too kind!
Thanks so much for your great message!
Take care
Ballistyc Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Those leaves are ridiculously life-like, Randy.
It looked great before, but the leaves really make a difference. kind of unifies the overall structure.
I'm not sure why Disney hasn't already snatched you up
to design their theme parks...'d be a great addition to their already amazing team of sculptors.
take care, my safely
jemnisimi Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009

I remember you saying you were going to make this. It turned out fabulous! I can't wait to see more shots. Spectacular job honey.

If you get time to answer --- what kind of wax or material did you sculpt the original out of? :D
maindegloire Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
You did a wonderful job! It's amazing!
MyLadyLiesWaiting Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009  Professional General Artist
It's like Who Framed Roger Rabbit made real! If it's not a personal question, how much does he weigh?
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